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A Superior Way to Rate Games - The MEC System

Here at Fantasy and Some Flights we found a single rating of a board game does not quite give the full picture of how we feel about the game, therefore we created the MEC system. The MEC system stands for M - Mechanics, E - Experience, C - Components.


Mechanics describes the rules and what invokes interaction with the game

Experience is how you feel when you are playing the game, this goes into how much fun you are having, how immersive the game is, etc.

Components include the Art, Box Feel, Quality of components, Containers, etc.

Each one of these categories is weighted to give a final overall score. The great thing about this is the weighting is variable to each person!


Dalton's weighting is Mechanics: 30%, Experience: 50%, Components: 20%

Nelson's weighting is Mechanics: 40%, Experience: 50%, Components: 10%

So for example, Dalton's ratings for Wingspan are Mechanics=7.5, Experience=6, and Components=9. To find Dalton's overall rating of the game we weight them using his percentages, so Overall Weight: 7.5*0.40 + 6*0.50 + 9*0.10 = 6.9

Let us know your weighting and if you think this helps you get a better picture of what goes into a game!

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