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E26 | Special | FaSF Trivia! Ft. Mike

Who is the better podcast host? A question that has been plaguing us for a little over a year now! This Episode helped us get closer to the answer thanks to our amazing listener and guest: Mike! Mike runs us through multiple different categories in a trivia style game that will test our knowledge all about things we love at Fantasy and Some Flights! As you are listening keep score and let us know what you end up at!


What's on our Flight (02:08)

  • Mike is drinking: Cedar Ridge's Quintessential American Single Malt. Distilled using single malt scotch methods (though not technically a scotch as Iowa is not in Scotland), this whiskey comes in with a low peat finish. Mike chose to share one of his favorites with us from his hometown in Iowa. 4 cheers for this excellent whiskey!

  • Dalton is drinking: Willet Pot Still Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey. One of my all time favorites and difficult to find in Indiana! I had to go to Kentucky for this one. A well balanced, low burn whiskey with decadent orange and cream flavors throughout. A must try, if only for the opulent bottle! 4 cheers!

  • Nelson is drinking: Teay's River Brewing's Agi-Tater Ale, a seasonal amber yam ale spiced for the holidays. I filled a growler with this local ale prior to our weekend together and we were all surprised by the complex spice and sweet potato flavors. Teay's does not distribute, so you will only be able to find it seasonally at their location in Lafayette, IN. 3 cheers!


Trivia with Mike starts at 9:48

For this episode, Mike treated us to a trivia game of his own design! 25 questions across five categories plus a lightning bonus round at the end had Nelson and I competing for points in a photo finish. You will have to listen to see who won! Here are the five categories, each with questions worth 2 through 10 points on the evens:

  1. Fantasy Novels

  2. Board Games

  3. Fantasy Movies and Shows

  4. Booze

  5. How Well Do I Know My Own Podcast?

We hope you enjoyed the episode as much as we did! A HUGE thank you to Mike for preparing such a fun and entertaining game for us. We hope for another in the future! If you answered questions along with us, let us know your score in the comments below!


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