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E30 | Books| Red Rising, Book Breakdown ft. Jamey Stegmaier, Alex Schmidt (Stonemaier Games)

In this Book Breakdown we are super excited to discuss crazy makeovers and heroes with abnormally strong hands! This episode contains a deep dive on one of our favorite books of all time: Red Rising by Pierce Brown! Before we start the book analysis we had the pleasure of talking with Jamey Stegmaier and Alex Schmidt from Stonemaier games about the new board game they are putting out in this awesome universe! If you have not read Red Rising and just want to hear about the game do not fear! We tell you when to hop off to avoid spoilers for the book (which you should then immediately read!)

The version of Song of Persephone you hear at the start and end of the episode were used with permission from creator Lauren Conklin, we absolutely recommend checking out the rest of her music!

Cover Art by Lesya Blackbird


What's on our Flight (02:34)

  • Dalton's Drinking: Horny Goat Brewing's Bourbon Barrel Aged Albino White Stout. A very strong coffee profile with some chocolate in the back. I could not pick out the bourbon barrel aging, but enjoyed this twist on the normal stout! 2 Cheers.

  • Nelson's Drinking: Russell's Reserve 10 Year Bourbon. Another small batch bourbon, this drink is everything you expect from a bourbon. At the price point Nelson prefers to stick with the classic Elijah Craig, but this can be a nice variety pick. 2 Cheers.


What's On Our Minds (13:00) - Interview with Stonemaier Games

For this episode, we were joined by Jamey Stegmaier and Alex Schmidt from Stonemaier Games to discuss their board game, Red Rising, a hand-management, combo-building game based on the topic for tonight! You will hear about their history, the design of their board game, and a discussion between the four of us on the book that started it all!


Discussion starts at 40:40 in the episode

We cover a ton of ground in this episode, focusing primarily on an analysis of the characters and tensions points in the story. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it and can not wait to hear your thoughts! Join our Discord (link is in the top right of the page!) for open discussions on this fantastic novel!


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