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E33| Books | You Want to Fight About It?

Mustafar, Helms Deep, Blackwater Bay, Hogwarts... all epic locations which were the staging area for some incredible battle scenes! These locations, and more, will be a heavy part of our discussion as we are talking about battle and fight scenes in this episode! We discuss what we do like, what we are looking for in battle scenes, and some of our favorites in literature! But before we get to talk about all of that we discuss our flights (both of us are drinking a four cheers!) and what we have been reading recently! So hit that play button and let us know what you think!

Cover Art by wraithdt


What's on our Flight (01:55)

  • Dalton is drinking: Sunrise Sensei by Denver Beer Co. Brewed with Rosita de Cacao (a flower, I had to look it up), this tasty black IPA was brewed in memoriam for head brewer Jason Buehler who passed during a mountain climbing accident. 4 cheers!

  • Nelson is drinking: Michter's Straight Rye Whiskey. We shared this after Nelson cold-called me while at a liquor store. Smooth, strong in cherry and cola flavors (after obvious rye spice). A true delight, especially at its price point. 4 cheers!


What's On Our Minds (11:17)

Dalton: Inheritance and ExFor

On the reread, the Inheritance Cycle was enjoyable, if not critically sound. As a more experienced and educated reader it shows flaws of a young writer. However, the world building and lovable concept create an extremely satisfying experience. Check out The Fork, The Witch, and The Worm for a continuation of stories in Alagaesia, or To Sleep in a Sea of Stars for more of Paolini's works!

The Expeditionary Force (ExFor) series has continued to entertain and amuse. Again, critically not an entirely sound series (Alanson puts out a book every 3-4 months). Yet in a time of business and turmoil, this series offers a sanctuary of humor and cheap action that is very rewarding. R.C. Bray is particularly accomplished in the narration of this series, we absolutely recommend any story that features his talent!

Nelson: Star Wars Universe

Star Wars: The High Republic has taught Nelson to read using his actual eyes again! The exploration of one of our favorite fantasy/sci-fi universes has provided both fascination and entertainment. Unfortunately, the story and characters fall flat in the writing, much to our disappointment. We were reminded of the Kyoshi books from the Avatar universe which, while enjoyable in world building and exploration, fail to create engaging story and growth in characters.

On the other end of recent Star Wars works, The Bad Batch animated series has been extremely successful as a followup to the Clone Wars series. With enthralling story lines, intricate character development, and the nostalgia of continuation in an already loved series, this show checks all of the boxes and does not disappoint. An absolute must see for fans of Clone Wars!


Icebreaker and Discussion starts at 27:40 in the episode

Fight scenes are moments of tension and conflict by definition. They take the form of armies crashing over mud-churned fields and duels over both honor and survival. The great climaxes of character arcs play out over these great scenes, both epic and tragic. And we absolutely love it! With this discussion we look at how we as readers interface with these great conflicts and what we learn and expect from the characters involved.

Battles can take many forms. Both epic and small, both mental and physical. Whatever the conflict, it's important to remember that they can be extremely boring. Battles can be tedious, full of troops movements and overly detailed narrations struggling to tell a story that, frankly, readers just want to know the result of. So why do authors do it? Why do they take the time to tell a story in such detail, the effects of which could be conveyed with a few short sentences? Because conflict provides opportunity for the characters of the story to display their nature and worth. Battles are a chance for incredible characterization of heroes and villains both. They pull back the veil of safety and contemplation and force characters to show their mettle in stressful, high-stakes environments. They force characters to grow, to self actualize, to fail, and to achieve greatness. Many stories can get by without a great fight scene, but a fight scene done well always makes for a great story!

We had a lot of fun with this episode and hope you did as well. As always, connect with us via Instagram or Discord using the links in the top right. We look forward to engaging with you!


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