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E34| Games | Virtual Gaming

Virtual gaming, is it done out of necessity or convenience? In this boardgame episode Dalton and Nelson dive into the computer world and talk about different virtual implementations of boardgames! We discuss our favorite, and least favorite, implementations, what we are looking for, and why we enjoy virtual gaming! Before we get into that we discuss what we are having on our flight that night and what we have been playing recently! So sit back and hit that play button and let us know what you think!


What's on our Flight (01:18)

  • Dalton is drinking: Double Dunkel from Wibby Brewing. A deliciously malty lager from a brewery that specializes in lagers. 4 cheers!

  • Nelson is drinking: Space Dust IPA from Elysian. This beer used to be a staple for us and Nelson decided to feature it on this episode. 4 cheers!


What's On Our Table (06:56)

We start with a discussion on Pipeline, an economic game with a geometric twist. Worth multiple plays to ensure the nuances of strategy are understood by the players.

On Mars: Alien Invasion, kickstarting now and adding cooperative, one-vs-all, and solo modes.


Icebreaker and Discussion starts at 19:57 in the episode

Virtual gaming has become an integral part of our lives and social circles over the past year and a half. We discuss many of the pros, cons, and tips and tricks to successful virtual game nights! Here are some of the apps we recommended:

  • Through the Ages

  • Terra Mystica

  • Mystic Vale

  • Star Realms

  • Tokaido

  • Summoner Wars

  • Patchwork

  • Onitama

  • Hive

If you are interested in playing virtually with us, connect via Instagram or Discord using the links in the top right. We look forward to playing with you!


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