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E36.5 | Special | Scape-Con Friends Into a Dead Game

Recently Nelson got the awesome opportunity to go hang out at the first ever Scapecon - a convention all about the game Herosacpe! This game has been out of print for over a decade, but still has a significant following in the boardgame industry! We got lucky enough to interview the organizer of this event on this episode. So join us as we talk about this awesome game and the first Scapecon!


What's on our Flight

  • Dalton’s drinking: Legent, again! Too excited about this one to not have it twice.

  • Mike's drinking: Big League IPA by Harpoon brewing.

  • Nelson's drinking: Lagunitas Daytime Low-carb IPA.


We spend the episode interviewing Mike about Scapecon, the event he hosted for Heroscape in place of Gencon. Listen to us interview him about Heroscape and the experience he had hosting his own convention!

If you are interested in getting involved with the Heroscape community, Mike recommends checking out You can also find info on the next Scapecon in the forums!

If you are interested in checking out Mike's podcast, Casters of Valhalla, he recommends checking out his website or the episode below:


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