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E4.5 | April Fool's | Actually Our Top 5 Games

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

In this episode, the Flights are more important than the Fantasy as we talk through our Top 5 board games that did not make it in to our top 5! Since the flights are so important this episode, let's get started right away!


What's on our Flight:

  • Today, Dalton and Nelson are enjoying the same drink! Well, it's the same type of drink, not literally the same cup, but we hope you knew that. Miller Lite is a water inspired, champagne flavored (?) beer that sneaks its way in to both of our Top 5's, were we to describe our Top 5 beers.


Today's Topic: Our Top 5 (and now you are thinking "Wow, how many times are they going to type "Top 5" in these show notes?" Hang in there, we are almost there) not in our Top 5 (You made it!) board games. We think the content of this episode really speaks for itself, so we want to avoid overdoing it here in the show notes. However, for posterity, here is the list, because, really, what is a Top 5 episode (oops) without a list:

5. Candyland

4. Snakes and Ladders

3. Sorry: The Game of SWEET REVENGE!!!

2. The Game of Life

1. Monopoly

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