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E41 | Games | LCGs, They ARE Different!

If you have listened to previous episodes you probably know about the addiction that has taken over Nelson: Living Card Games! In this episode we have a special guest: d20Woodworking on to discuss this exciting genre of games! So listen along to learn more about Jason and figure out what your next money hole will be!


What's on our Flight (05:20)

  • Dalton's drinking: Heaven Hill's Rittenhouse Rye Bottled in Bond. This bar staple earns its place by being an affordable, 100 proof, middle-of-the-road rye whiskey. I found it a bit uninteresting and struggled with an unpleasant aftertaste, making it not a favorite personally, at its price point it is certainly worth a try! 2 cheers.

  • Jason's drinking: Johnny Walker's A Song of Fire. Tasted like a "watered down Red Label." Probably not worth a try unless offered to you directly. 2 cheers as well.

  • Nelson's drinking: The third 2 cheers whiskey of the episode! Good ol' Maker's Mark. Nelson struggled with estery, gasoline-like flavors of this wheated whiskey. It's not uncommon for fans of high rye bourbons to struggle with a wheat whiskey, and this was no exception. He'll try Maker's 46 next to see if it improves!


Introducing Jason of D20 Woodworking (15:25)

Jason introduced himself and described his favorites among the 3 pillars:

  • Board game: Too Many Bones (obviously)

  • Book: Crime and Punishment

  • Beverage: 4 Roses Single Barrel

You can find Jason's content, woodworking, and cheery disposition in these places:


Discussion starts at 26:07 in the episode

We invited Jason on as the expert in Living Card Games (LCGs) and thoroughly enjoyed our conversation! We break down the genre, talk pros/cons, how to introduce new players to an LCG, and the differences in competitive and cooperative LCG play. If you caught the bug and are looking for a recommendation to try, we did our best to come to a 3 way consensus for you!

Recommendations start at 1:03:39 in the episode

Low Complexity

Smash Up. It's a bit of a stretch to call this a "Living" card game, but the feeling of deckbuilding from a set of directly purchased cards holds true. Coined a "Shuffle-building" game by AEG, players take 2 sets of 20 cards from a collection of available decks and shuffle them together, creating a 40 card deck for the game. Definitely a cheap, accessible game to use as an introduction to the genre!

Medium Complexity

Easily our most contested category with Marvel: Champions and Arkham Horror LCG both making an extremely strong play for the recommendation. In the end we settled on Arkham Horror LCG, noting that Marvel: Champions is probably the more accessible of the two with the more familiar IP. The story telling, campaign designs, and strong mechanics gave Arkham Horror the victory (though in reality we would be happy if you played either!).

High Complexity

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game wins out this category essentially uncontested. An old man in this relatively young genre, the scope of content available in this LCG can be daunting. Combined with the most complicated gameplay and deckbuilding rules discussed in the episode, this game certainly feels like a step up from the other recommendations. That complexity converts to rewarding experiences in theory-crafting and deck exploration for the players, making this game truly worth getting in to for the dedicated gamer!

We hope you enjoyed Jason's lovely presence as much as we did. Remember to check out his content if you want to see more of his work!


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