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E5.5 | Play Along | Welcome To!

This is our first "Play Along" episode and we are so excited to try it! We will start by explaining how to play a famous Roll & Write game, Welcome To, then playing the game together with you. We suggest downloading the "Welcome To" app from App Store or Google Play Store, which functions as the score sheet for the game, grabbing your favorite beverage, and playing along with us!


What's on our Flight:

  • Dalton: Home Brew! One of my good friends moved out of country and donated his home-brewed stout. It has been "aging" in my fridge and I'm excited to enjoy it again!

  • Nelson: Horny Goat Brewing Company's "Horny Blonde." This beer is... not good. But boy was it cheap! If it must be imbibed a shot of lemon juice is suggested to create a mock-shandy for yourself and simultaneously hide the taste.


Listen to the first 34 minutes of the episode for a rules explanation and after that you should be ready to play along with us! For your reference, here are the City Plans for this game:

  1. Complete 6 estates, 1 house each.

Worth: 8 in the first completion and 4 to all others.

2. Complete 1 estate with 4 houses and 3 estates with 1 house each.

Worth: 9 in the first completion and 5 to all others.

3. Complete 1 estate with 3 houses and 1 estate with 4 houses.

Worth 7 in the first completion and 3 to all others.

With that, you should be ready to play! If you'd like to see our final scores and boards, follow this link:

Hope you enjoy! Cheers!

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