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Who is Fantasy and Some Flights?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Fantasy and Some Flights was formed between two nerdy friends who both love fantasy, board games, and math. We have spent many nights boring our significant others by diving down into rabbit holes discussing the current novel we were reading or breaking down the math of a board game we love. One of these nights, we were deep into discussing whatever book we were reading at the time and we had the idea to start a podcast where we could talk about all these things we loved! Thus Fantasy and Some Flights was born.

In brainstorming of what we wanted to build this idea into, we decided we wanted to have a discussion based podcast where we would dive into themes and math we found exciting and fun. This is combined with an initiative to provide a platform for crowd sourcing board game statistics to use in future podcasts. That is where this website is met with where we will be posting our show notes.

We have noticed the random thread that would pop up on Board Game Geek or Reddit where people would come together and source some data about the newest hottest game. Examples: Twilight Imperium 4th Edition, Terraforming Mars, and Tapestry. We loved diving into these results and discussing what they may mean. We wanted to provide a centralized convenient location for people to come and log plays of their favorite games! The website allows customizability to make the pages very interactive as well, so for some games that could be more complex to keep score of, the app will do it all for you!

Is there a game you want to see data tracked for? Or is there a game where you think we are not tracking everything that should be tracked? Reach out to us by leaving a comment on this post or reach out to us on social media and we will work to add that functionally ASAP.

Not only will the data be easy to input, there will be live updates on different statistics for the game posted on the website! We hope this provides an interesting landing page for you all to check out what is happening in the board game world!

So that is who we are! We want to learn who our readers/listeners are too, so feel free to reach out to us on social media! We are currently on Twitter: @AndSomeFlights and Instagram: FantasyAndSomeFlights. Hope you are excited as we are to see where this leads us!

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