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F3 | "Dragon-Master Hobbits are OP"

Fireside and Some Flights, still sounds kinda weird even after 3 episodes! But we do love discussing the things we love and this episode is no different. In this episode we discuss the new Avatar content Nickelodeon is planning on producing, a beautiful game based on one of our favorite books, and answer a few icebreaker questions! So if you have ever wanted to know which whiskey tastes like your leg is being sawed off during the civil war, or what we think about copious amounts of character deaths, hit that play button and listen along!


What's on our Flight

  • Dalton’s drinking: Bell's Brewery Bright White

  • Nelson's drinking: Balcones Distilling Texas Rye


Icebreaker questions for this episode came from Caleb and Dalton!

  • What is a game that you love but would never recommend to all new players based only on the rulebook?

  • Is George R. R. Martin's habit of killing off characters effective or just lazy writing?

If you are looking for us to answer a question, submit your question here.


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