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F7 | "The Best Medium for Describing Art"

In this Fireside episode we get to talk about our initial thoughts on a game we have been anticipating for a long time now: Red Rising! We also get to discuss some new amine we are watching as well as genetically modified clones. We are excited to have you along for the ride and look forward to hearing what mechanics you would like to see incorporated into more games!


What's on our Flight

  • Dalton’s drinking: MooHoo Milk Stout from Terrapin Brewing! Tastes like a Tootsie Roll!

  • Nelson's drinking: 1792. Looks fancier than it tastes, but still very good!


Icebreaker questions for this episode came from Dalton!

  • What board game mechanic would you like to see incorporated in more games?

If you are looking for us to answer a question, submit your question here.


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