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F5 | "5 Steps to Food Chain Magnate"

We are back! After battling COVID we are finally able to get back and record an episode! In this Fireside chat we discuss what we have been reading or watching and then hop into some icebreakers! Do you know what steps you need to take to get your friend to play Food Chain Magnate or do you want to know what the best Disney + High Fantasy combo you have come to the right place!


What's on our Flight

  • Dalton’s drinking: Whistlepig's Piggyback 6 Year Rye

  • Nelson's drinking: Hot Tea and Cough Drops


Icebreaker questions for this episode came from Tucker and "The Wife"!

  • Tucker: What 5 games would you play with a new player to prepare them for Food Chain Magnate?

  • Wifey: Pair a book/show/movie character of your choice with a Disney song

If you are looking for us to answer a question, submit your question here.


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