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F6 | "Mug of Tea? Cuppa Dice!"

Ah yes, another relaxing Fireside chat with the hosts of the Fantasy and Some Flights Podcast! In this laidback episode we discuss the new Netflix show: Shadow and Bone, Roll for the Galaxy, and Nelson's deeper spiral into his obsession with LCGs! So dive right in and let us know what board game you would like to see turned into a real life escape room!


What's on our Flight

  • Dalton’s drinking: Buffalo Trace! Return of a Classic

  • Nelson's drinking: Accumulation by New Belgian! A white IPA (our first!).


Icebreaker questions for this episode came from Emily!

  • What book or board game would you like to see turned in to a physical Escape Room?

If you are looking for us to answer a question, submit your question here.


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