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F6 | "Mug of Tea? Cuppa Dice!"

Ah yes, another relaxing Fireside chat with the hosts of the Fantasy and Some Flights Podcast! In this laidback episode we discuss the new Netflix show: Shadow and Bone, Roll for the Galaxy, and Nelson's deeper spiral into his obsession with LCGs! So dive right in and let us know what board game you would like to see turned into a real life escape room!


What's on our Flight

  • Dalton’s drinking: Buffalo Trace! Return of a Classic

  • Nelson's drinking: Accumulation by New Belgian! A white IPA (our first!).


Icebreaker questions for this episode came from Emily!

  • What book or board game would you like to see turned in to a physical Escape Room?

If you are looking for us to answer a question, submit your question here.


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May 06, 2021

Sorry to hear you had Covid-19 Nelson. Glad you are feeling better.

Ice Breaker Answer: Invisible Woman written by Erika Roebuck was a historical fiction book based on the real life of Virginia Hall. She engaged in clandestine work for most of her life working for the CIA; however, she started out working for the O.S.S. During WWII. She specifically worked in France gathering intelligence the final three months leading up to D-Day. She collected intel on the Nazis, she organized drops for the French people to assist in their own liberation, and learned how to use an encryption machine to send and receive messages. A lot of intrigue and material to use for problem solving and escaping.

I had…

Replying to

That sounds like an amazing book and it would translate to an escape room very well!!

I am really enjoying the card game! It is pretty tough, but I do like the challenge! Thanks for listening!

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