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E1 | An Intro to Fantasy and Some Flights | Top 5 Board Games

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

So here it is, episode 1 of the podcast we are very excited to start. We wanted this initial episode to be a more lighthearted episode where we discuss our favorite board games. Going into this episode, we did not know each other's answers so you get to hear some of our surprise and reactions!


During this episode:


The icebreaker question this week was proposed by Nelson: "What are you most excited for about this podcast?" Dalton answered with his excitement about breaking down the math of great design games! We have done this before, however now we get to talk about it with you! Nelson came with his prepared answer, where he said he was most excited about the data gathering aspect of the new website! Currently we have Carcassonne and Twilight Imperium published. We are working on Scythe, 7 Wonders Duel, and Terraforming Mars right now!

We have created a new rating system that we have named the M.E.C. system. In episode 3 we will dive deep into the system and give examples of each rating. But if you haven't listened to that episode yet here is a quick overview: The MEC System

So let's get into it!


Top 5 Board Games:

Nelson's Number 5:

Scythe Rank 10 on BoardGameGeek

One thing I love in board games are asymmetric player powers. Scythe does that two fold, each player has a different faction and player mat that combines to give you a unique play experience. There is resource management, exploration, and a good balance between strategy and tactics in Scythe. This is by far my favorite non-war game that looks like a war game!

MEC:  M - 9 E - 7  C - 9

Overall: 8.0

Dalton's Number 5:

Dominion Rank 83 on BoardGameGeek

Dominion hits my 5th spot for sheer replayability. It's always a challenge, always different, and yet the best player still wins! It'll suck up your money in expansions if you aren't careful (definitely Not Safe for Wife...), but her base game and a couple expansions are well worth the investment.

MEC: M - 6 E - 9.5 C - 7

Overall: 8.0


Nelson's Number 4:

Mage Knight Rank 24 on BoardGameGeek

Nelson's top cooperative game comes in at number four on his list. This is a super heavy game where you play a demi god and ransack an island. This game is great for the quite weekend where you have ten hours to kick back, relax, and burn down some monasteries.

MEC: M - 8.5 E - 8 C - 9

Overall: 8.3

Dalton's Number 4:

Terraforming Mars Rank 3 on BoardGameGeek

Awesome theme, excellent execution, flavorful cards, delicate balance, and enough depth to keep you coming back. Well worth the table time, played with drafting this is definitely a top 5 for me.

MEC: M - 9 E - 8.5 C - 7

Overall: 8.4


Nelson's Number 3:

Nelson's favorite war game comes in at number 3 on his list. This game plays so close to the books that it makes for a fun family experience that will quickly turn friends into enemies.

MEC:  M - 7.5 E - 8.5  C - 7

There is a new expansion out called Mother of Dragons. This adds more factions and some fantastic mechanics. I need to play more of it, but I can see the mechanics being raised to a 9

Overall: 8.0

Dalton's Number 3:

Axis and Allies Rank 1,219 on BoardGameGeek

I need more co-op competitive games in the world, this is my absolute favorite genre! Coupled with the WWII theme and one of my ideal combat systems, I'm happy to spend waayyyy to long playing this game. Nostalgia carries this game to my #3 spot.

MEC Rating: M - 9 E - 7 C - 7

Overall: 7.6


Nelson's Number 2:

Gaia Project Rank 9 on BoardGameGeek

My number two favorite board game is a remake of a Terra Mystica. This is a game that has some of the best mechanics I have ever seen. Pair that with a great theme, asymmetrical player powers, a modular board and we have a winner. This is the newest game on my list and I only see this game getting better with more plays!

MEC Rating: M - 10 E - 8.5 C - 8

Overall: 9.1

Dalton's Number 2:

Who doesn't love tricking your friends into letting you conquer the continent of Westeros? This game has the perfect balance of intrigue and strategy for me. I love the simultaneous deployment of "Orders" and the seemingly-random-but-actually-deterministic combat system. A highly intellectual game and an absolute blast to play.

MEC rating: M - 8.5 E - 9.5 C - 7

Overall: 8.7


Nelson's Number 1:

Terraforming Mars Rank 3 on BoardGameGeek

I finish my list off with my favorite game of all time. This game great with any player count and I spend so much time playing this game with my wife. This game has a great theme and provides a tense race to collective objectives and spaces on a map! I cannot think of a time where I would ever turn down a game of Terraforming Mars.

MEC Rating: M - 9 E - 10 C - 6

Overall: 9.2

Dalton's Number 1:

Twilight Imperium Rank 6 on BoardGameGeek

The perfect gateway game for me! Theming, the technology tree, and the diplomacy between players is what kicks this above other 4X games for me. The weekends spent in homeschool playing this game with my friends are treasured memories. I'm happy to play this game anywhere, any time, it is absolutely my #1.

MEC Rating: M - 9.5 E - 8.5 C - 8.5

Overall: 8.8

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